NightShift Sleep Positioner

NightShift Sleep Positioner

Used by Doctors to treat Positional Sleep Disorders,
NightShift actually records what is really happening when you sleep – both position and snoring levels.  It provides Intelligent and Interactive Positional Sleep Monitoring

NightShifttm encourages side sleeping by determining your actual sleep position, and quietly prompting you to not move into a supine sleeping position. Which means less snoring or better therapy.

It’s a simple, non-invasive way to get the best sleep you can, and it won’t disturb your sleeping partner – there is no noise, it only vibrates.

The results are dramatic, and immediate. Initial users are spending less than 5% of their sleep time sleeping on their back.

NightShifttm is working for you by the second night of use. (The first night is used as baseline comparison data)

Plus NightShifttm will show you that it is working by providing detailed reporting on sleep position, snoring level and body movement

NightShifttm also stores 12 months of sleep history, so comparison is easy.



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