BMC Luna Auto CPAP System with Humidifier – E-20A

BMC Luna Auto CPAP System with Humidifier – E-20A


The BMC Luna APAP is an automatic CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure), that adjusts automatically to deliver the required pressure throughout the night. The Luna APAP machine offers the latest sensory technology to automatically adjust pressure throughout the night to keep your airway open while you sleep, thus preventing any airway obstruction.

CPAP machines begin with a low initial pressure, and slowly increase to the pressure prescribed by your doctor. The Luna Fixed Pressure machine creates optimal comfort with a ramp time of up to 60 minutes, compared to most CPAP machine’s ramp time of 20 minutes, making it a cost effective and comfortable way to treat Sleep Apnea. To optimise therapy comfort, Luna also uses RESlex Exhalation relief. This technology delivers different pressures based on your natural breathing cycle, creating comfort and ease during exhalation.

Using humidification with your CPAP machine will reduce common symptoms like dryness of the throat and congestion. The Eco Smart humidifier comes free with all Luna machines and adds heat and moisture to the air delivered by the system, improving overall comfort. The humidifier can also be removed when travelling to reduce size and weight, making your Luna Auto CPAP Machine an excellent travel device.

  • Quiet operation with mask removal and power failure alerts
  • A large 3.5 inch colour screen
  • CPAP operation 4-20cm H2O
  • RESlex exhalation pressure relief 0-3
  • 0 to 60 minute ramp time
  • A removable humidifier
  • Advanced data remotely available with real-time, no-cost WiFi wireless data reporting and remote access
  • An on screen snapshot reviews the patient’s data
  • Built-in iCode function and SD card – with smartphone data upload
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty

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Weight 3 kg

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